AsunalTreasure asunal treasure

Radio exhibition recording program of asunal Kanayama!

Asunal Kanayama Presents

SOLIDEMO X asunal treasure

Entertainment radio program "asunal treasure" to send on the stage of asunal Kanayama.
SOLIDEMO comes up in asunal on Wednesday every month for first three weeks! We can taste simply because it is public recording,
You come and watch and listen, and please enjoy entertainment of 3 steps.

Personality SOLIDEMO

Group of 8 man vocalist group that SOLIDEMO (soridimo) is more than 180cm in shuneru, Takeshi Mukoyama, Kazuya Sasaki, Keiichi Sawaki, Yuki Nakayama, Hiroyuki Kimata, Tomoya Yamaguchi, height of all the members consisting of Akito Tejima. It is SOLIDEMO and naming from two nature to sometimes sing effeminate love feeling in while having dignified one side with COEUR. Debut major with the goal of "artist made in Japan playing an active part in Asia" on April 16, 2014 in 1st single "THE ONE."

Assistant Misaki Kuroe

Assistant Misaki Kuroe

Public recording day It will be 18:30 first 3 principle on Wednesday every month ~ asunal Kanayama tomorrow; is open space
Airdate Every Friday 20:30 ~ @FM 80.7Hz
※Public recording is rainy weather decisive action, but venue may be changed by bad weather.
On "SOLIDEMO X asunal treasure" exhibition recording collecting day, please see event schedule.
Link @FM formula homepage