Store Opening

Person who thinks of store branch to asunal Kanayama

Information for asunal Kanayama renewal 2020 branch

shimeruyona comfortable by daily life that asunal Kanayama is always full of turnout and pleasure, and customer is comfortable
We created commercial value of Kanayama for lifestyle.
And we renew in the spring of 2020,
It being in facilities which we are more lighthearted and are easy to use with convenience for all of you more more
We aim and update.

One to be interested in about branch to asunal Kanayama,
Please refer directly to the following contact information.

[contact information]

〒460-0022 1-17-1, Kanayama, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Nagoya town planning public corporation Division
Kanayama business section (charge: Yasui / Tanaka)
TEL: 052-324-8577 / FAX: 052-324-7871