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We surpass common sense of skin care! Skin care to accept! difensera

We surpass common sense of skin care! Skin care to accept! difensera


 Skin care next-generation from ORBIS "D fen cera" was released ga.


We do skin care by approach not to paint, and to accept.



We work on whole body for 24 hours just to drink one bag of 1st and are hard to miss moisture of skin, and there is the making of skin keeping moisture.


It is product which can improve dry skin from the origin.


In ORBIS, we examined skin change that we drank targeting at approximately 400 people for D fen cerao three months.

As a result, it was admitted that we were effective in interfering with missing moisture of skin when we took continuously for D fen cerao three months and drank and had "tokuho" of the Consumer Affairs Agency authorization.

It is release for the first time in "tokuho" functioning on skin Japan!



Itch of the shin of foot was settled as a result that I took continuously for one month, and I drank, and powder spraying was improved. It is pleasant to continue change in feeling being fretting product every day visually.


Hand cream was indispensable, but was always surprised at never using hand cream yet in winter!

 We felt effect actual feeling when it acted on whole body.


Taste is delicious for citron taste, too.


We can aim at skin slipperily from head to foot! We thought of this!



Do you not experience the highest skin care quickly?





One (with 30 bags)  3,456 yen (tax-included)

Three set    9,368 yen (tax-included)

      (discounted by 1,000 yen until Sunday, March 31)




(*^^*) which interested customer, staff explain in detail in shop


Come casually; (^^)/


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