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Valentine who kicks melty fatty tuna with fondant doughnut! Three kinds of "Chocolate Collection" appearances

Valentine who kicks melty fatty tuna with fondant doughnut! Three kinds of "Chocolate Collection" appearances

From Wednesday, January 9 to Tuesday, February 19

New flavor appears to popular "fondant doughnut" that cream of the inside kicks melty fatty tuna when Valentine of this year warms!
Strawberry and flavor of banana caramel are added to basic chocolate and sell "Chocolate Collection" three kinds.

"Fondant chocolate" is heart-shaped doughnut with slightly bitter, smooth chocolate cream. To doughnut of chocolate dough which we kneaded cocoa into, we coat bitter chocolate. We drew line on the top with white chocolate and treated pistachio for fragrant walnut and accent made kyandingu.

"Fondant strawberry" is with melty strawberry cream. It is topping with freeze dry strawberry which describes design in strawberry chocolate on the surface of cacao fragrant doughnut dough, and is bright red, strawberry curl chocolate. Furthermore, you sprinkle strawberry sugar on finish and can enjoy bittersweet flavor that is good to Valentine.

Heart-shaped doughnut with banana milk cream that "fondant banana caramel" melts away. It is fragrant, and rich caramel chocolate wraps doughnut of mellow cream which added milk to banana puree and chocolate dough. Almond crunch of topping and slightly bitter caramel candy overlap with line drawing of bitter chocolate and patronize flavor still more.


"fondandazun" (12) that rich cream adjusts to melty fatty tuna limited doughnut three kinds to kick and releases is advantageous set which assorted "original gurezudo ®" of KKD popularity No. 1 and "chokosupurinkuru" "sutoroberisupurinkuru" together.


※You can enjoy melting of cream that it was said that it is melty moderately when we warm fondant doughnut in microwave oven for approximately 12 seconds.
 Overheat time varies according to models of microwave oven a little. Please be careful about burns to stop by to warm too much.
※We do not sell at some stores, event, special event store. ※It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

Sale period: From Wednesday, January 9, 2019 to the middle of February day plan

Valentine of this year shares doughnut melting away warmly with important person, and please spend happy time. "

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