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keep slim as for the year-end and New Year holidays!

keep slim as for the year-end and New Year holidays!

Everybody hello ('▽ `)

Was wonderful Christmas able to spend time?

As for this time, cake can eat delicious thing to chicken, and is happy; shin (*^ω^*)


Even if Christmas passes, there may be much year-end party, new annual convention and meal which opportunity cannot exclude?

Being interested for woman calory ... (;'д `)

It is ... in what we can enjoy more if we can be without minding calory! Have you not thought of this?


It is this leading role "slim keep" to be recommended to such a person♪


We thoroughly block sugar & lipid by drinking two tablets before meal!

We prevent from collecting in body as fat, and being crowded!

Effect to hold particularly adipose absorption in check is very higher than conventional supplement!


When I take this slim keep, we are aggressive and eat in various ways, but return of the weight is early!

As certain effect is felt, reserve rate of the staff is high, too (laugh)



Of course as it is recommended to man, you may present diet to partner doing the best or, too ♪ (// ∇ //)


It is 1,404 yen for regular 30th

For economical 60 days      2,484 yen

We are selling with the set price of 4,568 yen with two economical sets until Thursday, January 31!

400 yen is more advantageous!

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