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It is recommended to winter dots! kuriaakunesupottsu

It is recommended to winter dots! kuriaakunesupottsu

Everybody hello.


Season changes, and it was winter, but how is condition of skin?


May not only drying but also which skin becomes easy to catch damage from drying, and is worried about skin roughness and eruption in dribs and drabs come in winter? ? (>Person <;)


In such a case, it is introduction of to rera pimple care product from make easily♡


kuriaakunesupottsu (tax-included 1,296 yen)


Anyway, this product wants to hold inflammation of pimple and eruption in check early! !It is recommended to person called this♪


We always employ me, but it is different in to ranaitodeha getting well and realizes that we paint inflaming place red with (゜ д ゜) and is considerably doing heavy rotation. sho



We will tell about this secret now♪


①Originally state & sebum which does not readily go even if part of pimple and eruption does skin care in state that skin is tense with much effort is in condition to be easy to be clogged up. . . We can send active ingredient to affected part without delay to soften this by function of apricot fruit juice★


②Sulfur dipotassium glycyrrhizinate relieving inflammation is combined and takes care of pimple which we have got quickly★


③As is semitransparent gel, let alone usual skin care, is usable from make; is simple! As we adhere to place that we painted with suddenly and do not need to hang down, it is usable quickly when we were interested★





Not only we combine active ingredient, but also usability is pursued product, too♪


Please try at store♡

We wait for all the staff (^ ν ^)



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