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Cat cat cheesecake
Cat cat cheesecake
Cat cat cheesecake
Cat cat cheesecake

Cat cat cheesecake

One 1,800 yen + tax

We begin to sell cheesecake "cat cat cheesecake" of form of cat in baguette rabbit Kanayama Store on Friday, June 26.


●With cat cat cheesecake
Store specializing in cheesecake of form of cat. Of cute form which is good to "shoot cafe" will send real cheesecake. It becomes sisters brand of store specializing in high quality bread "cat cat bread" which the company runs. We open the first shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo on May 20.


●We are not pretty. Secret of taste

①We use King "BREE de mho" of cheese.
②Baked taste that, however, is totally fluent like rare cheese cake.
③Homemade bittersweet apricot jam further enhances taste.
④Cheesecake of new sense that aged cheese and homemade apricot jam are put together, and taste changes!​


●Simple, pretty cat logo package

I hand in box of exquisite logo design which matched cool KOLOR with prettiness that two cats snuggle up to although being simple. It is available in present and present of various scenes.

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