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Gift with mask and set is recommended, too!
Gift with mask and set is recommended, too!
Four kinds of flavor!
Four kinds of flavor!

We wear a mask and spray and are received♪

We have a lot of safety measures products in GEORGE'S!


It is smell and heat of mask it becomes hotter, and to be interested by wearing for long time of mask. Aroma natural being easy to use in people who do not like mask spray of hard flavor such as perfume is this fragrant mask spray!


How to use is simple and sprays appropriate amount on the front and back of mask. We soften unpleasant feeling with mask with flavor of aroma♪

Flavor was based on basic flavor including lavender and sweet orange and was blended, and relief specifications made of 100% nature ingredients♪


Child can use sweet orange taste, too♪

Gift which is same as mask of pretty animal package is recommended♪♪

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