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We shoot and enjoy time.
We shoot and enjoy time.
Kyushu pancake

Kyushu pancake


With Kyushu pancake,


Pancake mixture that we made only with material from Kyushu heartily.


Including quite regional wheat which is full of flavors, brown rice and imported reddish rice of rice, one of Kagoshima use nonglutinuous rice brought up on the fertile earth in the ancient times that are the source of rice growing from germination brown rice of duck agricultural methods brought up, millet having of Unzen, Nagasaki, embryo rolled barley, Kumamoto and Fukuoka of Saga without using pesticides in Aya-cho, Miyazaki.



It is sticky light.

Let alone grilled length. It is delicious even if it becomes cold.


We are reliable for child and family.

Aluminum-free baking powder. Emulsifier, fragrance, processing starch nonuse.

One bag of 200 g, 6-7 pieces are burnt.

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