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ALEX COMFORT 2F [import cosmetics, miscellaneous goods] 052-211-8484

& be reentry load information UV milk
& be reentry load information UV milk
& be fan Sheeler
& be fan Sheeler

①& be UV milk [for face, body] ② &be fan Sheeler (beige/orange)

①1,800yen+tax ② 3,500yen+tax

& beUV milk 1,800yen+tax

It is SPF50PA++++ by 01 non chemical prescription 1

・Ultraviolet ray cut which is expensive in ultraviolet ray absorbent nonuse. Tone improves skin while holding down white float. Milk white KOLOR to pay dullness to. Toward pale-complexioned - normal skin.


To shiny skin charming with 02 delicate pearls

・Discerning minute pearl is tone up with skin naturally.


We protect skin from both 03 ultraviolet ray and environmental stress

・"Scutellaria root root extract" which protects the bare skin from PM2.5, pollen, smoke, exhaust gas of cigarette, and suppresses skin roughness "cure berry ®" (Bill Berry leaf extract) combination.


& be fan Sheeler 3,500yen+tax

It is cream foundation in 01 circles. Good konshira of growth

・Texture which fits skin with moisture.



Cover 02 curious places with two colors; three-dimensional impression

・By putting orange under the eyes, cover bear; and expression suddenly brightly. While by covering with beige partially, giving face three-dimensional impression; to skin with a feeling of omission.


The bare skin cares in spite of being concealment of 03 well

・*hadanarifunhaigo which takes care of blue bear having poor blood circulation to orange, tea bear of pigmentation, black bear of slack by total.

・*hadanarifunhaigo which prevents skin roughness in beige, and fixes texture.

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