ASUNAL LIVE Asunal raibu

Asunal raibu

LIVE event with Aristrist which fought successfully through public audition

Unique LIVE event to provide chance to artist wanting to do performance in front of many spectators. Performance contents have everything with song, recital with a musical instrument, band performance, musical instrument performance, chorus if they deserve to be asunal Kanayama.
Only as for the artist who passed public audition that appearance qualification was held four times a year.
Please note that you are called off in case of rain.

Held schedule every week Monday and Tuesday 18:00-19:00 holding (in the case of change, cancellation, there is)
Asunal raibu Channel (we link to Youtube)

Recruitment of asunal raibu exhibition audition participation artists!

We hold public audition by general open call for participants to select "asunal raibu" performer four times a year (March, June, September, December). Customer that it was arrived to professional music producer and director, audition venue as for the judge. The results are decided by marking of the people.

Public audition participation method

Audition venue It is asunal Kanayama tomorrow; is open space
Qualifications Age, sex is no object
Public audition participation method Please mail picture (even as for Youtube address, possible) to the asunal raibu secretariat in profile, true performance.
After documents examination, I send audition essential point to person who can participate in audition in reply from the secretariat.
(we cannot return file film)
Reference The asunal raibu secretariat (Heartland studio)  Charge: Cormorant fishing (detour)
〒 460-0007 2-1-9, Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi dragon ascending to heaven flextime building west building B1F
TEL: 052-212-6853 FAX: 052-212-9058

ASUNAL CHALLENGE UP STAGE (asunal challenge up stage)

Aristrist support project that sacred place asunal Kanayama of music sends to

Two sets of chosen artists challenge each problem in order to take off for the tomorrow's music scene! As for two months, the problem, which "CD200 piece is sold out" is up to Aristrist including "150 pieces of autocratic live tickets are sold out" during period. LIVE event that we meet fan and clear.

Held schedule evening of every Friday ... (in the case of change, cancellation, there is)

Asunal raibu carnival

Asunal raibuno extension! LIVE event that the selection artists gather

LIVE event with six sets of Aristrist chosen from asunal raibu performer. LIVE event that is the most full of the highlight as asunal raibuno extension.

Held schedule not being set

It is CHECK! in event schedule of this month