facilities facilities guidance

Information for SERVICE service

  • RestroomRestroom

    It is in each floor. It is in 1F (two places), 2F (three places), 3F (three places).

  • Multipurpose restroomMultipurpose restroom

    It is in each floor. It is in 1F (two places), 2F (three places), 3F (three places).

  • SlopeSlope

    It is in 1F and 2F and parking lot.


    In building, we offer ATM of Bank of Nagoya and Seven Bank each by one place. Cash draws by each bank bank card and can do it.

  • Smoking areaSmoking area

    It is in 2F and 3F. Smoking, please use appointed smoking area. Understanding, please cooperate to have all arrived all of you spend time in more comfortable environment.

  • AED (automated external defibrillator)AED (automated external defibrillator)

    It is in 1F disaster prevention center.

  • Nursing roomNursing room

    It is in 3F.

  • StrollerStroller

    It is in 2F and parking lot 4F.

Guidance of OPEN HOURS business hours

Fashion & miscellaneous goods
Service & culture

※There is store unlike the business hours mentioned above partly.

※The year-end and New Year holidays vary in business hours. Please refer to each store.

Question that FAQ is common in

What kind of shop and facilities are there?

There are fashion, miscellaneous goods, restaurant, cafe, drugstore, hair salon, store of wide genre including fitness club.
Please see Shop-Guide for more information about facilities.

From what time to what time are business hours?

About fashion & miscellaneous goods, foods shop, service & culture store, it is from 10:00 a.m. to 21:00. About restaurant & cafe store, it is from 11:00 a.m. to 22:00.
In addition, there is store varying in business hours partly. The details, please identify shop page of each shop from Shop-Guide.

When is closed day?

Always without holiday.
But, on account of the remodeling, we may be closed temporarily.

Can you walk with pet?

In asunal Kanayama, it is available by pet companion in the following area rules. We hope that he/she considers other customers to have all of you spend time comfortably when we get up for pet companion.
Assistance dog (guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog) can be accompanied in all facilities in asunal Kanayama.
  • ①Please refrain from store, restroom, the buildings such as nursing rooms and entrance of pet to elevator escalator.
  • ②Common use passage on the first floor and open space are available by pet companion.
  • ③You can be accompanied and attach reed by all means in area, and take as short as possible.
  • ④Please refrain from excretion. Please take excrement home with you by all means out of necessity when you excrete without abandoning to trash box.
    In addition, please refrain from marking in building.
  • ⑤Of pillar, fence and tree in building tying with is not expected.
    Of owner leaving side by all means hope that there is not.
  • ⑥Please do not ride pet on bench and the table.
  • ⑦Please refrain from companions such as dangerous animals.
  • ⑧When you pass asunal Kanayama 2F and 3F, asunal Kanayama parking lot out of necessity, you put whether you carry in the cage, and please pass.


※About trouble between customers caused by pet, we cannot take all responsibility.

※Please be careful not to bite other pets and customers enough.

※When it is walked at small place including store main street road, I would like consideration to other customers.

Can you smoke?

As a general rule, the site of asunal Kanayama is smoking cessation, but space that can smoke partly in 2F, 3F is arranged.
About detailed place, please confirm page of 2F, 3F of Shop-Guide. In addition, please confirm non-smoking division in each restaurant in each shop page.

Access method to asunal Kanayama?

You can come in public transport such as train or bus.
When we use train, it becomes immediate in J R Tokaido Main Line, J R Chuo Main Line, Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line, one of subway Meijo Line, subway Meiko Line from getting off at "Kanayama" station, the Kanayama synthesis Station north exit. When we use bus, "Kanayama" getting off becomes immediate in either of city bus "honor 21" "Kanayama 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25.26" "patrol" "Showa patrol". For details, please see access, parking lot page.

We want to go out by car, is there parking lot?

There is asunal Kanayama parking lot (pay)
In addition, there is Kanayama parking lot (pay) in the outskirts, too. But please use public transport as much as possible as congestion is expected.
Separately from parking space, there is bicycle parking lot of motor bike and bicycle, too. As for approximately 100 motor bikes, bicycle is available for approximately 1,700 bicycle parking (in all, paid).
For details, please see access, parking lot page.

When we eat and drink at store of asunal or we did shopping, is there parking service?

There is.
As for the service contents, please see access, parking lot page.
※By store, you may not use parking service.