"The daytime of under point!" when Tokai radio public live broadcasting came back  in asunal Kanayama

Under point

Under point

3 of spade is close

3 of spade is close

Saori Maeno 

Saori Maeno 

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The Tokai radio (AM1332/FM92.9) which was finished while it was regretted at the end of March, 2020 "under daytime of point!" But, we came home!

Under point of personality jumps out of studio and, in commemoration of this, broadcasts live publicly in asunal Kanayama!

With all of listener which we invited to, we celebrate program revival together!

Of comedy duo three of spades that new program starts as for the guest in this autumn if is close; two of Tokai radio announcer Saori Maeno.

For one and a half hours, in front of radio heaps up venue while publicizing charm of three new programs!



Under point (Yutaka Masuno, this university of arts)



3 of spade is close

Saori Maeno 


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